Masinagudi – A Wildlife Explorer’s Delight

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Beautiful, quaint, and unexplored – that’s Masinagudi for you. To describe it as a weekend getaway would be doing injustice to this place. Located in the Nilgiri mountain range, Masinagudi is placed between Mudumalai Forest Reserve and Bandipur National Park – both home to magnificent flora and fauna. Surrounded primarily by deciduous trees, with a mix of Bamboo, Masinagudi can be visited anytime through the year. The place offers a little something to everyone – irrespective of age and interests.

Having said that, everyone has places they would definitely want to see and a few they’re ok putting on their “on my next visit” list. And so, to help you decide better, we put down a list of places that bring out the best of Masinagudi & its surroundings.


Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

A delight to any nature lover, the Mudumalai national park is a place where one can find & observe many wild animals in their natural habitat. A visit to this sanctuary can result in one enjoying close sightings of wildlife species including Bengal Tiger, Cheetah, Indian Elephant, among other smaller animals & birds.


Moyar River

Located just 7 Kms from Masinagudi, the Moyar river is what separates Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary and Bandipur Forest. Being a major water source for the wildlife around, this is the go-to location for spotting various bird & animal species. What’s more – one can go fishing or boat riding here.


Theppakudu Elephant Camp

Theppakudu Elephant Camp is one of the oldest elephant camps in South India, housing 24 elephants. The magnificent animals camped here are trained by professionals and are then engaged in eco-tourism & anti-poaching patrolling activities. Visit the camp if Interacting and feeding elephants (in a controlled environment) interests you.


Bandipura National Park

Another exciting & popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts is the Bandipura National Park. Home to more than 250 species of birds & animals, the biodiversity on display is a wholesome treat to any nature lover.


So, if you are a wildlife photographer or like a stroll in nature or love animals & plants or just want a break from the monotony, come visit Masinagudi and enjoy mother nature’s majesty in its true form.

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